Why Dealiac Beats Every Other Gluten Free App Out There

It can be really frustrating to stand in the supermarket to hold a package of a food item and wonder if it is truly gluten-free. What about when you are visiting a new town, having a great time yourself but also speculating if there is any gluten-free nearby where you can eat? These things can be very irritating and infuriating.

Coeliac disease is on the rise for the last few years, all over the world. It is a gut-damaging condition which develops at any period of time throughout your life. It is more of an autoimmune disorder where the immune system of the body reacts to gluten, such as barley, rye, or wheat. Many who are diagnosed with Coeliac disease think that this may be the end of eating out with friends or family. But the end is nowhere near. Living in the 21st century does have its own perks. Now you can easily dine out with a simple tap on the touch screen of your smartphone.

Many app developers have taken on the challenge to create the best and helpful gluten-free app for iPhone and Android which have helped the Coeliacs to identify different types of restaurants that offer gluten-free dishes, new gluten-free recipes, gluten-free foods and ingredients available in the supermarket nearby.

This is where Dealiac comes in!

Dealiac is an amazing gluten free app for those to find gluten-free restaurants. This is the perfect app for those who are suffering from Coeliac disease, have a high gluten intolerance or just adopted the gluten-free lifestyle in order to lead a healthy life. This is the best way to dine out because at times it can be very embarrassing to go to each and every restaurant and ask the staff that if they serve gluten-free food. This app allows you to dine out easily and safely.

One of the best things about Dealiac is that it offer discount cards which you can receive through the app. You can still receive a discount and the company is also in talks of offering a physical discount card in near future.

Most of the restaurants on Dealiac offers up to 10% to 50% discount on different types of dishes excluding drinks. Can you believe how amazing that is? Though each offer is subject to some conditions and constraints and each restaurant have different conditions. It is standard that most of the restaurants do not offer any discount on Friday or Saturday.

Apart from these amazing perks, do you want to know the best part about the discount card?

You can use your card as many times you want. There are no limitation on your card usage and you can also visit the same restaurant again if the offers are still up!

Dealiac believes in providing the best service to their clients and nothing is more valuable to them than client satisfaction. Each year the gluten-free food industry spends more than hundred and thousands of money on supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Most gluten-free foods cost more than five times than the alternative. Which is why the app has offered the discount card at a very low cost. Only £2.49 every month in the United Kingdom.

The restaurateurs who need promoting their gluten-free dishes, this app works as an amazing platform for them. The clients can leave a feedback and a star rating, which helps other clients to recognise high-quality gluten-free restaurants in town.

One may ask that how does Dealiac decide on which restaurants come on board their team.

Since the app was launched, the Dealiac team has been working day and night to create a friendly working relationship with both small and large restaurants all over the country. The team examines the working procedure of each restaurant so that they can guarantee the low risk of cross-contamination among the dishes and also the food preparation areas are regularly cleaned. Dealiac understands the importance of Coeliac disease and takes the necessary steps to decrease the contamination. Every restaurant in the team complies with the rules and regulations instilled by Dealiac. If there are any complaints from members, they further investigate the scene and remove the restaurant from our app.

The app makes things easier for you and also provides a great platform for the restaurants to promote their food.


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