Gluten Free Restaurants in Dublin

Are you gluten free and planning on travelling to the Emerald Isle? Are you worried that your diet restrictions will make your stay difficult? Worry no more! Ireland is famous for its amazing food like corned beef and shepherd’s pie. In particular, Dublin, is a hub for famous restaurants with mouthwatering gluten free choices which you can enjoy. Here is a list of a few amazing restaurants in Dublin which cater your dietary requirements.

Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co.
Located in the South City Centre, Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co. has a vivid décor and offers a variety of freshly made waffles and pancakes with gluten free options. If you happen to visit it don’t forget to try its bacon and egg crepe and crepe with cinnamon butter, apples and whipped cream.

As the name suggests, Cornucopia is abundant with its rich organic vegetarian options where contemporary meets art nouveau. It accommodates customers not only with coeliac disease but also with various other allergies. One of the main delicacy of this place is ‘Sweet potato, butter bean and roasted garlic soup’ with a moist homemade gluten free bread. Have it with sprouts and greens salad and you will savor every bite of it.

Damascus Gate
If you are a fan of foreign foods and cultures then this is just the place for you. A Lebanese delight on Camden’s Street offers a wide range of gluten free hummus along with grilled chicken in yogurt or tomato curry sauce. You will lick the last of the food on your plate in this eatery while enjoying the Lebanese traditional music.

Electric Fish Bar
Situated in Cork alongside River Lee, this bar offers all selections of locally caught fish on a riverside spot which customers can relish along with views of boat docks and cathedral sites. On your trip to Ireland, don’t forget to visit this restaurant and its incredible fish pâtés, gluten free breads and scallop burgers with a tint of cilantro mayonnaise.

The Quays
Enjoy the classic Irish delicacies like stew, chowder and boxty cake in a sober and down to earth environment at The Quays. It is a Co-Op vegetarian restaurant which is housed in a petit wooden abode overlooking a river and gives a homely feeling. A full case of gluten free items are offered each day from sweet potato casseroles to stuffed peppers along with some delightful desserts like almond bars and chocolate fudge cake which are all gluten free.

Uncle Pete’s
A local pizzeria that fulfils all your Italian cravings in a gluten-free way. Located in Centre Cork,
Uncle Pete’s offers a range of freshly baked pizzas to choose from. If you happen to stopover at Uncle Pete’s don’t forget to try their Knickerbocker which is a triad of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream blended together with homemade whipped cream and a cherry to make everything perfect.

Mary’s Country Kitchen
Ever came across a coeliac patient who isn’t a fan of cakes and pastries? NEVER! Dublin’s paradise lies in Mary’s Country Kitchen with a variety of gluten free iced cakes and bakery. If you are travelling to Ireland for the first time then don’t forget to try the traditional Irish delicacy Banoffee pie which is a concoction of cream, bananas and layers of toffee caramel on crushed biscuits and butter. Feeling hungry already? Savor all the sweetness in a gluten free way here at Mary’s.

Cobh Farmer’s Market
The Promenade Cobh, Cobh, Ireland holds a Cobh Farmer’s Market each day which includes various food stalls to choose from. One of the best option for gluten intolerants is The Crepe Man stall which constitutes a wide array of sweet and savoury options made from buckwheat and other gluten free flours. When you visit that stall, your only problem will be which crepe to choose from all the appealing selections. Mediterranean crepe swooned in olive and feta is something to try.

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