Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Washington DC

Gluten-free dining is a challenge in itself and eating out needs a lot more effort on the customer’s part. Staying away from breads and pastas is a task in itself but the incision of constant stomach-churning fear of gluten cross-contamination in the fried favorites is even worse. This guide is for people with serious gluten intolerants who cannot stand a single grain of it in their stomach and is also helpful for those who recently read Wheat Belly. Washington D.C. provides its fair citizens with an impressive culinary talent for the many gluten-free options available.


Lebanese Taverna

With multiple locations around D.C., Virginia and Maryland, Labanese Traverna is a real treat for everyone be it gluten intolerant or not. The specialty of the place is however, their dedicated gluten-free menu that offers up the tastes of Lebanon in America to anyone who can enjoy it. The best part of the whole deal is that the gluten-free patrons can indulge in the food without worrying about the concept of cross-contamination as their food is prepared in a separate kitchen station. From the traditional mezze platters to the braised lamb which is served with lamb-filled grape leaves, spiced rice, and yogurt salad, it is all worth your time and money.


Peacock Cafe

Located on the Prospect St., NW, this Georgetown café is the house of homemade salad dressings and vinaigrettes. The gluten-free crowd always hassles up the place at the time of brunch where the nemeses of gluten enjoy chef’s special salads and platters with the complete assistance of the staff. The waiting staff of Peacock Café is well trained in gluten-free preparations and dining which takes all your anxiety away.



The Dunport eatery is built around a large indoor tree and serve the seasonal and local American comfort foods. Although they don’t facilitate their gluten-free customers with the satisfaction of separate facility for the preparation of gluten-free foods but the knowledgeable staff does everything to keep your food safe from gluten. The gluten-free menu constitutes the extensive variety of foods and desserts including GF Peanut Butter Ice cream sandwich, warm apple pie sundae made with confit apples, ginger ice cream, and cinnamon crème anglaise and house-made peanut brittle between two slices of flourless chocolate cake. Also try their gluten-free halibut, risotto and a selection of salads.


Birch & Barley

With a branch located at the 14th St., Logan Circle’s two in one restaurant concept offers menus that are especially crafted by Chef Kyle Bailey and brews beer selected by the directior Greg Engert. Birch & Barley offers around ten varieties of gluten-free beer in bottles along with various flatbreads and pastas which are prepared with gluten-free substitutes of wheat. The restaurant caters to the needs of special customers better if they call ahead and inform the staff about their requirement.



With the intricate décor and design, Carmine’s serves up the family-style dinner in a 1930s style dining hall. The Italian restaurant in Penn Quarter, known for its mammoth portions and big bowls of pasta, has a devoted gluten-free menu. The menu has a lot of choices and features allergen-free versions of classics such as pasta Bolognese and penne with garlic and olive oil. All gluten-free dishes are prepared at a separate station in the kitchen to prevent cross-contamination.


Sticky Fingers

Doron Peterson started a vegan bakery in her own tiny kitchen in 1990 and today this Columbian Heights mecca for the vegan and other food allergic sweet tooths has the honour of winning the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars twice. Sticky Fingers, as the name suggests offer some sticky sticky treats that not only stick to your fingers but also to your heart. Indulge in their gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, cakes and cookies with vanilla icing. Don’t forget to give them a 48 hour heads up so you can relish your favorite dessert in a worry-less gluten-free way.


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