Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Seattle

Would you fancy big chunks of crusty bread and a fresh bowl of creamy pasta with decadent cheese? Well, who doesn’t? Is there something in your way that prevents you from relishing your favorites? Not in Seattle! Seattle is one of the many places which offers its gluten allergic citizens with some amazing gluten-free options so they don’t have to sit back while their friends enjoy breads, pastas and crackers. Some of the best places where you, gluten-free folks could go to have the meals of your life are listed below. So chuck out the gluten and check out these restaurants.


Sweetgrass Food Co.

Sweetgrass Food Co. is a lively and cheery café which fills up your needs of inventive and healthy dishes while keeping the taste factor alive. It serves up bowls of hot grits covered in honey and cheese, grain and rice bowls with myriad of unique vinaigrettes and buckwheat snail cookies; all Gluten-Free! The place is the perfect choice for anyone with gluten intolerance, vegetarian lifestyle or any other dietary restrictions.


Coffee and a Specialty Bakery

With the mantra of “We make AMAZING sandwiches!!!”, Coffee and a Specialty Bakery is a dream come true for a gluten intolerant. This gem is located in the Central District and is a retail of Silver Slice Bakery. The dedicated gluten-free kitchen is the trademark which separates it from the rest of the GF bakeries. Try out their salmon puff pastry, gooey cinnamon buns, and grilled chicken sandwich with a hot coffee to enjoy a day in heaven.



The rare eatery resonates the hymns of Mediterranean romance which makes one dance one dance and sing. The place provides a variety of fancy meals in a fine dining experience which can make your date a great downtown adventure. The extensive and dedicated gluten-free menu is specialized for Breakfast and Dinner making all your wishes come true. Be it their signature Paella or the famous Za’atar, you will come home enchanted with a spell.


Capitol Cider

Looking for a dark wood, hard ciders and a vintage vibe to go with your meal? We found just the place for you. This bi-level ancient diner has a one and only menu which is totally gluten-free making it hard for you to decide what to order. Fish and Chips? Gluten-free. Cheese bowl with crackers? Eat it all. Pulled pork pupusas with fennel slaw and grilled corn yogurt? You guessed it right! The also offer around 30 different ciders and beers along with some heavenly desserts.



Planning to take the love of your life for a night out filled with passion and romance? Lark is the only place which will come up to your expectations. The restaurant is a not your cliché fine dining place but something entirely different. Chef John Sundstrom’s menu features locally-produced and organic cheese, charcuterie, vegetables, grains, fish, and meats, all prepared in season. The menu is not entirely dedicated to the gluten-free dining but you will find some amazing gluten-free options on it. Do not forget to try their sautéed half wild mushrooms, the carpaccio of lemontail, or squab with bacon roasted black figs.


Razzi’s Pizzeria

Ever came across a gluten allergic who doesn’t like his fair share of pizza? Not in your wildest dreams! Seattle bestows upon us the greatest gluten-free pizza at Razzi’s Pizzeria which not only makes fulfils your wish of eating a pizza but your wish of eating a pizza with pride. The menu is completely devoted to the gluten intolerants of the city and have a wide array of pizzas ranging from traditional Italian to vegan pizza, all gluten-free. Other options include paninis, pastas and cheese breads which make sure that no one in your group is left out.


There’s many more

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