Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Phoenix

Dining out can be a nightmare but thanks to our app (please download it, please!) and this short list below we should have you covered.

Beckett’s Table

The relaxed décor and the seasonal ingredients lure in the locals as well as tourists into this place for a cozy American meal be it gluten-free or not. The chief chef Justin Beckett scours the local farmers’ markets for some seasonal produce for the ever-changing and enthusiastic menu. The mention of gluten-free or coeliac brings a scurry in the staff and they go into the details of their gluten-compatible kitchen, cooking methods and extensive staff training. The restaurant serves as a fancy date dinner spot as well as for a family night. Relish their s’mores with chocolate covered bacon, homemade peanut butter and marshmallow.


Postino Wine Cafe

Set in comfortable, rustic and immaculately restored building, Postino Wine Café is a royalty in itself. Although the variety of gluten-free options is not very diverse but the few dishes that they have are worth a shot. The best part about the café is their staff who go out of the way to help you design your gluten-sensitive meal. Ask for their gluten-free bread for bruschetta and make sure to remind them of toasting is separately.


True Food Kitchen

The joint venture of Fox Restaurants and Dr. Andrew Weil does not require you to be a die-hard yogi to dine at True Food Kitchen but you only need a memorable experience for your body and palate. The food served here is healthy, safe and beautiful. They tend to your gluten-free needs very loyally and let you enjoy a Kale-Aid while they openly prepare your GF meal. And don’t let the health aspect of the restaurant fool you if you hate vegetables because I assure you that you will come running back for more. Don’t miss their Winter Ingredient Salad as it might just change your life.


Pita Jungle

Stop by Pita Jungle in Phoenix for healthy Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Greek and Lebanese cuisine just right down the street. The word pita in the name might worry you about the gluten served with their meals but you will put at ease when the server will bring out your salad calling it “gluten-free broiled chicken salad that was made on a clean surface with new gloves”. The restaurant offers a variety of other gluten-free options too like hummus with cucumber slices and the chicken curry salad. Holy YUM!



Enjoy an unrivaled hospitality, curated wine list and expertly crafted steaks at every Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. Your gluten-free meal is tested by a registered dietitian for any allergens before it is served to you so you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination as well. The food served is unique in quality and taste making it a perfect choice for gluten or any other food allergy patients. Enjoy a fancy gluten-free Maple Glazed Slab-Cut BACON with a touch of classy wine of your choice.



The all-time favorite of everyone treats customers with gluten-free requirements with a royalty. The moment you tell them that you are here to place a gluten-free menu, the time stops and everything is reset from the very beginning; they wipe the counter, take off their gloves, wash their hands, put on new gloves and get new spoons in line. The staff is very knowledgeable about the allergens and their cross-contamination. Try their gluten-free Crispy Corn Tortilla and Cilantro-Lime Rice and wish you had a bigger tummy to stuff more of it in.


Jewel’s Bakery & Café

This café offers the best gluten-free cakes, pastries and breads in town along with some light lunch options. Julie Moreno, the owner and baker or the place, has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most creative and skillful baker who concocts special desserts in a gorgeous way. The gluten-free cakes taste better than their alternatives and are craved by the allergic and non-allergic customers alike. Along with the cakes, the kitchen also serves breakfast and lunch including gooey sandwiches and make-your-own-pizza.


There’s many more

We’ve been getting message after message telling us all about these other amazing gluten free restaurants. And yes, we know hun. Simply hop on to our app where it gives you the lowdown of some of the best gluten free joints around. Neat, right?

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