Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Manchester

Are you looking for places in Manchester where you can relish delicious meals gluten-free? This article is just what you need to read. Below are some great restaurants that offer casual and fancy both type of meals in a gluten-free way which makes you not only forget about your condition but gets you coming back for more.

Pho, The Corn Exchange
This Vietnamese food chain is the most expanding food chain in all over the UK which is totally gluten free and one of the few restaurants accredited by Coeliac UK. Their Manchester branch is located at 37 Hanging Ditch and mesmerize the customers with its intricate décor and presentable food. Their main specialty is the Pho, which is noodle soup made out of gluten-free noodles. If you get to visit Pho, also try their Bun Noodle and spring roll which is a delish in itself.

Carluccio provide its diners an informal but memorable dining experience indulged in passion and character. It offers the most authentic Italian food at very affordable prices and with a friendly service which their fans always brag about. It caters to needs of their gluten intolerant customers by offering an extensive gluten-free menu which constitutes mains, pastas, salads and desserts of all kinds. If you want to get a feel of Italy, you better visit Carluccio’s.

Quite near Manchester, in Wilmslow there exist a food shop that makes the best frozen meals. Sounds a little confusing at first but thing about enjoying quality meals at home when you don’t feel like cooking or eating that crappy frozen soup. Each meal at Cook is specially made keeping in mind the needs of the customers and is tagged with the name of the chef. There is a special section for gluten-free meals at Cook and the foods offered are top notch including, main courses, starters, side dishes as well as desserts. So basically it is an eatery which lets you enjoy quality food in your comfy home without any hassle.

Teatime Collective
A cool and quirky hangout spot (as the name suggests) is still undiscovered by many people living in Manchester. It offers a wide variety of gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options to choose from as your evening snack. Their gluten-free vanilla ice cream is heaven on earth and their gluten-free pancakes are too good to eat.

Ed’s Diner
Situated within Debenhams near Joe & the Juice, Ed’s Diner is another restaurant that is accredited by Coeliac, UK. The gluten allergic folk should feel free to walk in and order anything from their menu without worrying about their condition. It offers an epic American gluten-free dining experience to its customers with spectacular design and delicious food. Doesn’t matter if you are a fan of cheese fries, bacon, pull pork bun, cheese burger or a hot dog, Ed’s Dinner is committed to fulfill all your cravings in a gluten-free way.

Bonbon Chocolate Boutique
Who isn’t a fan of chocolate? Food allergies somehow make you crave more for this soft creamy treat. A petit place in Northern Quarter, Manchester is for anyone and everyone who loves chocolate and is ready to die for it. People with vegetarian lifestyles and dairy allergies also spend most of their days relishing the hot chocolate milkshakes here. So if you love chocolate you are bound to try this cool place and don’t forget to try their chocolate truffle.

A vibrant setting and a homely experience encapsulates the customers at Giraffe which claims to have explored all of the foods from around the world. A great place to enjoy a hangout or a reunion with friends and family, Giraffe caters to the gluten-free needs of its customers. With a dedicated gluten-free menu, it offers exotic breakfast like Squash Laska and Tofu, marvelous lunch like Chicken Spiced King Prawn and Mango salad and striking dinner options like Burgers with healthy extras like quinoa or edamame.

There’s many more
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