Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Los Angeles

Angelenos are lucky to be living in a city that caters the ever growing demand of gluten and wheat-less eating. Many restaurateurs in Los Angeles provide their health conscious and gluten allergic customers with a variety of gluten-free options. Whether you have celiac disease or just prefer to go light on the wheat, there’s a wide array of options in all over LA. Though quite simple to look at, removing gluten is quite a task to perform in actuality. Almost all of the foods and sauces contain wheat/gluten as their side ingredient which is sometimes missed on the labels making it hard for the gluten intolerants to decide. Down below is a list of authentic gluten-free restaurants with plenty of wheat-less options for dining.


Cafe Gratitude

With two locations in Los Angeles, this San Francisco transplant reflects positivity in the form of “I Am” affirmations and permeates through the menu and the waiting staff. The statement is surely not a cup of tea for everyone but let food do all the talking. Café Gratitude serves organic and vegan foods to its dedicated customers. The menu is not exclusively gluten-free but a good majority of their selections are. The breakfast front offers buckwheat-flax pancakes, muffins and banana bread, gratifying your gluten-free palate in the most beautiful way. The most popular options includes great textures and flavors macrobowls, wraps and salads along with the I Am Fortified, quinoa or brown rice bowl with vegetables and sprouts.


Native Foods Café

This established eatery focuses strictly on vegetarian and vegan cuisine along with the indicated gluten-free items. Native Foods has locations around the LA and is the premier chef-crafted vegan restaurant concept serving homemade, fresh, fun food. The pick of the place is their special Earth Bowls which is a wonderful mixture of tempeh, kale and brown rice with sauerkraut, gamasio and sesame seeds folded in. The staff is extra helpful in providing you an ingredient book of all the foods they serve to gain their customers’ 100% trust.



With serving the most precise and elevated gluten-free meal in town, crossroads is the place for you if you want to be positive about the food in your plate. Chef Tal Ronnen doles out Mediterranean-style dishes and the ones that are sided with breads and wheat-ables offer alternative gluten-free items. In simple words, every item on the menu can be made gluten-free without rendering the taste. The fresh and eye popping platters are worth the money spent on them. Dive into their artichoke oysters with crispy oyster mushrooms and kelp caviar. Visit them on a Sunday for a Sunday Supper where famous chefs from the town come in to amaze the customers.


Azla Vegan

Looking for the traditional Ethiopian blend in your food? Azla is the right place for you to book a table. It serves up a delightful variety of vegan and gluten-free options, basically their menu is entirely wheat-less and quite simple. Whether you prefer brown rice or gluten-free injera – an Ethiopian flatbread to go with your meal, Azla will never let you down. Do not forget to try their Misir – red lentils and spicy berbere and Yatakilt – curry potatoes, cabbage and carrot. Their gluten-free salads and desserts are also a treat.



The ever-expanding chain of M Café, Brentwood offers the macrobiotic and accessible dishes and is the top notch Los Angeles gluten-free breakfast service. The menu is made to make you feel equally loved and wanted as the rest of the Los Angeles. The most popular options for a Sunday morning treat are Benedict plate, scrambles and French toasts. The gluten-free salmon Benedict with a beautiful spread of smoked salmon and soy hollandaise will not only be a blessing for your health but also for your penchant.


Sage Vegan Bistro

A step above the rest of the fast-casual cafes and restaurants mentioned above is Sage Bistro. Thinking of steak and pasta? Revel on a gluten-free eggplant arriabiatta and mushroom steak with all your might. The well-rounded bistro has two locations, in Echo Park and Culver City. If you can’t decide which one to choose, then choose the Culver City without a second thought. They offer an exclusive vegan and gluten-free pizza menu where you can order a buckwheat crust pizza for an extra $2 and pesto made with hemp seeds.


There’s many more

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