Best Gluten Free Restaurants in London

It’s difficult for us on a gluten free diet to find safe restaurants with great food. There are many restaurateurs who still haven’t completely comprehended the importance of our health issues. However, restaurants are evolving while many have opted to serve fine-quality of dishes for those suffering with coeliac disease. Here are some of our top picks for Londoners.


La Polenteria

The very first 100% gluten free Italian Restaurant in London, opened in 2014. Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly, we aim to promote a healthy life-style whilst meeting all our customers’ needs. La Polenteria is a whole new concept where Fresh, Healthy and Homemade are the key-words. Tradition and Modernity are the main ingredients mixed together to give the best possible result: delicious polenta-based dishes but also home-made pasta and ravioli.

Naturally Chinese

This is one of the top restaurants in London that offers authentic Chinese food with gluten-free dim sum menu. The owners of the restaurant, Chiu and Amie, a husband and wife duo who has combined their skills and mastered the art of cooking extraordinary Chinese dishes from using only top-notch ingredients. The dishes are exemplary with fine taste. The customers have often observed the clean savoury of Oriental origins and the traditional way the dishes are served. All the dishes are natural and fresh. Some of the signature dishes of Naturally Chinese are rice paper spring rolls, steamed prawn with chive dumplings, lemon ginger fish and much more.


Are you craving for some pizza but need it to be gluten-free? No worries at all! If there is anyone that can bake an excellent, scrumptious pizza in the gluten-free dough, it is none other than the famous pizza outlet- Rossopomodoro. Located in more than 10 countries all over the world, Rossopomodoro is known for making Neapolitan dishes by using the ingredients only from the region of Napoli. The dishes are truly a tribute to Naples and authentic Italian vera pizza. Using some of the classic Italian ingredients and creating a gluten-free dough, Rossopomodoro provides a genuine Neapolitan experience right in the centre of London.


If you fancy yourself to some authentic Indian gluten-free food, this is where you should be at. Unlike the local curry houses in London, Dishoom is a self-styled Bombay Café offering the unique experience of the old Irani cafés of Bombay with bentwood chairs, stained mirrors, brick walls, and donning posters and artwork of the 20th century Bombay. Dishoom is known to serve amazing gluten-free dishes such as masala prawns with paneer tikka, spicy lamb chops, different types of gluten-free grills and much more.  Their signature gluten-free dish is a rich, creamy black lentil soup cooked at very low heat.


Known as the Peruvian Gem in the Heart of Shoreditch at the corner of Red Church Street, Andina has never failed to please the customers. This is an amazing restaurant that provides a touch of South America such as its flamboyant tiles, authentic-looking basketry and the furniture are made of generic Scandinavian wood. Andina is a pioneering restaurant that offers incredible gluten-free dishes such as quinoa croquettes, ceviche Andina with sea bass, avocado and blueberries on the side. Their signature dessert, chocolate quinoa brownie just melts in your mouth and is finished before even before you know it.

Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery

Located at 167 Upper Street, Islington, North London, this amazing bakery is an ideal choice to have savoury bread, baked goods or light lunch. The bakery ventures in creating high-quality gluten-free food with fantastic taste. The confectionaries are created by bakers with immaculate baking skills providing luscious flavours, summing up to perfectly baked gourmet items. It is impossible to resist the temptation of marvellous gluten-free cakes, pastries, tart and much more. Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery also produces homemade bread, buns, and hot dog buns. All the confectioneries are baked in a safe, non-contaminated environment.

InSpiral Lounge

Winner of 2009’s the Archant Food and Drink awards for best Theme restaurant and best Take-out, InSpiral Lounge is all about celebrating life. It is created on the contrary that everyone can contribute something meaningful in life and believes in preserving planetary health. It is an eco- friendly bar that offers organic food and acquires an exceptional range of gluten-free dishes such as buckwheat crepes, wild garlic pasta, ‘raw’ lasagna with hazelnut cheese and much more. InSpiral Lounge is one of the first restaurants in London to provide nutritional foods. This is a perfect place to have a nice breakfast with gluten-free toast, tamari mushrooms and almond milk lattes.

Niche Restaurant

Owned independently, Niche is a fancy dining restaurant located in Islington, near the Sadler’s Wells Theatre and Angel Tube Station. Designed in a contemporary style, it is known for providing modern, gluten-free British comfort food. The restaurant is the first in the United Kingdom to raise awareness of Coeliac disease and is proud to be the first restaurant in London to serve 100% gluten-free dishes. Some of the classic comfort food served are eggs Florentine on gluten-free bread, beef and chorizo pie, Niche Quiche with gluten-free pastry, hot and creamy onion gravy and much more.

There’s many more

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