Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Glasgow

Question: Do you know the recipe of disaster? Answer: People with gluten allergies finding the perfect place to eat out. If you live in Glasgow or anywhere near it then your recipe of disaster will make a beautiful flowery cake. Yes! Glasgow houses many great restaurants that provide gluten-free meals and menus according to the customers’ needs. Thinking of dining out with friends or just craving a fresh hotdog, Glasgow provides you everything in a gluten-free way. Some of the great places where you can relish the meals of your life are listed under.

The new favorite of locals, Martha’s is a lunch spot that offers simple but effective ethos of healthy fast food. The food is prepared using ethically sourced local produce and is served with efficiency, be it a quick sit-down or a sneaky takeaway. The menu is dedicated to all the information regarding food allergens used in foods and gluten intolerants find an impressive proportion of amazing options to choose from. The use of seasonal ingredients ensures that whatever you are served is fresh and in-season. The vegetarian friendly menu also satisfy the meat lovers among the customers. Looking for a winter-warmer? Try their curry.

Located in Candleriggs, this delightful eatery is nestled away up in an inconspicuous stairway, but seek it out and you won’t be disappointed. The specialty of the place is the South Indian cuisine that is prepared with the gluten-free ingredients, making it a must-visit for every gluten insensitive person in town. Apart from the gluten-free menu, they serve the best Indian cuisine in the city, period. Rice flour is used for preparing foods instead of gluten infested wheat flour. If you happen to visit them (which you should!) try their Dosa; it is a traditional South Indian dish, a huge lentil pancake which can be dipped into or stuffed with a number of delights.

The Butterfly and the Pig
As charming as the name suggests, The Butterfly and the pig is an all-time favorite of those seeking refuge from pesky gluten. The shabby chic interior gives the place a classy up-cycled vibe with the old church school pew seating and the gaudy old china. City center hotspot? Nah, I’m good! Most of the classic delights are available in gluten-free menu like gammon steak, fish and chips and steak pie. The only rival to the Burger Meats Bun which offer the classiest GF burgers.

Cafe Andaluz
Situated on St. Vincent Place, Café Andaluz the true Spanish flavors of Andalucia. The menu is clearly labelled with gluten-free options which makes up half of the menu. I’d say it’s a handsome ratio. The restaurant caters the needs of its customers by offering all kinds of healthy options be it meat, potato, vegetables or a combo. If you plan a trip there, get ready to choose from a variety of dishes.

Red Onion:
Many gluten-free dining options are available now a days, but Glasgow offers a few of those for fine dining experiences and Red Onion tops the list. The award winning restaurant not only offers a pre theatre gluten-free menu but also a gluten-free la carte menu. It specializes in traditional Scottish cuisine and the head chef John Quigley has crafted a unique menu with some best combinations of cuisines. Dig in their gluten-free goat cheese Bruschetta, Roast Duck with Sweet Potato and Pak Choi.

What does a gluten intolerant misses most among the foods? PIZZA! The delicious cheesy pizza. The supermarket gluten-free pizzas just don’t do justice to the craving you get for a great late night pizza party. Don’t worry no more because I will let you in on a secret; there is a gluten-free pizza in town which actually tastes like pizza and not cardboard. The Firebird offers the finest gluten-free pizza and pasta which will make you come for more. Their signature wood-fired pizza is bound to satisfy your taste buds.

The 13th Note
The vegan café don’t let their celiac patients go disappointed and have some brilliant gluten-free dishes that are prepared naturally. Don’t let the understated cool décor fool you into thinking that it is not worth a shot because their Sri Lankan curry and lemongrass, ginger and risotto cakes will fill you up as a gluten intolerant. Moreover, the restaurant is light on your pocket as the portion of each meal is enough to carry the leftovers home.

There’s many more
We’ve been getting message after message telling us all about these other amazing gluten free restaurants. And yes, we know hun. Simply hop on to our app where it gives you the lowdown of some of the best gluten free joints around. Neat, right?

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