Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Denver

Talking and eating gluten-free was a real feat a few years back but with the latest dietary trends and health conscious peoples’ demands, restaurants with specialized menus are popping up everywhere. Denver is all about its citizens and you it. People demand and Denver complies! Gluten-free eating is very common in Denver and there are quite a number of places that serves meals in a gluten-free way. However, every restaurant does not do the job as well as the other. In this article we will tell you some secret places with gluten-free food which not only fills you tummy but satisfies your cravings.


Root Down

This converted filling station is a high energy, creative and artful venue for the original American plates. Root Down aims to connect the neighborhood to the perfect dining experience as food is perfectly connected to its ingredients. They pride themselves in claiming to be sustainable by using 100% wind energy. The menu offers some generous gluten-free and vegan options to cater the needs of special customers. Dig into their gluten-free Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Kale and Brussels Salad to have the meal of your life.


Highland Tap and Burger

This casual spot will ease up your mood, make your time worth it and help you catch a game on one of the many TVs it houses. The gluten-free menu provides a variety of burgers to choose from which are all served with a side of fries. Try any of their signature burgers which are prepared using gluten-free buns and heavenly patties. The staff is extra vigilant and very supportive in case of food allergies and prepares all items in a way that prevents gluten contamination. Worrying about cross-contamination of fries being fried with breaded items? They got you covered.


Work & Class

Work & Class is a special place that meets all your needs, be it gluten or non-gluten. The new comer to Rino, works on the philosophy of “Good food, no fuss.” The chief chef Dana Rodrigues prepared a menu dedicated to rotisserie meat and gluten-free foods. The restaurant gives an air of comfort and fashion in the best combo. While many of the regular gluten items could be altered gluten-free, don’t come without trying their braised goat stew with the side of hash.



Don’t let the name fool you, as Snooze makes you do anything but snooze. With a famous repute among many brunch-ers, Snooze remains busy at all locations. The diners are happy to wait in cues for hours and hours just to grab a bite of their signature pancakes. The restaurant is a good news for gluten intolerants as they are not left out while their friends enjoy the delicious pancakes. All of their pancakes can be made GLUTEN_FREE! The kitchen at Snooze is especially designed and organized to prevent the cross-contamination of one gluten infested item with another. Indulge your sweet tooth with the various iterations of eggs Benedict served with a gluten-free muffin or corn cake.



This intricate and innovative restaurant is ready to fulfill all your Northern Italian cravings in a gluten-free way. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Panzano serves a gluten-free menu for each meal of the day to cater the needs of its gluten allergic customers. The chef Elise Wiggins, an inspiration and encouragement for all the gluten-free diners, prepares the meals with a special touch of humility. With a complete gluten-free lifestyle after her brother’s diagnosis with celiac disease, she have a kindred impression on her customers. If you happen to visit Panzano (which you really should) don’t miss her die-for gluten-free focaccia.


Olive & Finch

Cake is a gluten allergic’s wishful thinking if you don’t count the cardboard of a gluten-free cake available in supermarkets. At Olive & Finch, the owner cum chef, Mary Nguyen with her own share of food allergies provides the allergy-afflicted the best alternatives to accommodate their limitations. This uptown eatery is her dream which came true not only for herself but also for her customers. The menu is constituted with various gluten-free cake, cookies and pastry options along with some gluten-free freshly baked breads and sandwiches. Curbside delivery is an added convenience on your side.


Vesta Dipping Grill

Do you shy away from a restaurant where dipping sauces are the draw as they often contain some hidden gluten pitfall? You don’t have to anymore because Vesta Dipping Grill not only has an educated and complying staff but also specialized menus to accommodate gluten, nut and soy allergies. The restaurant prides themselves in hosting many gluten-free wine dinners in the past.


There’s many more

We’ve been getting message after message telling us all about these other amazing gluten free restaurants. And yes, we know hun. Simply hop on to our app where it gives you the lowdown of some of the best gluten free joints around. Neat, right?

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