Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Boston

Food allergies do not prevent the Bostonians from ultimate dining experiences. Boston is a big city and finding gluten-free menus at quality restaurants here is like embarking on a scavenger hunt. We have formed a list of some best places to dine out gluten-free in Boston ranging ultra high end restaurants to casual fast food chains.

Legal Sea Foods
Legal Sea Foods have a dedicated gluten free menu for their customers suffering from coeliac disease or gluten intolerance since 2008. With seven different location in Boston, the restaurant has impressive flooring, ceiling and windows giving a modern aura and an exceptional outdoor dining with sweeping view of Boston Harbor. Enjoy a crispy fried prawn, lite clam chowder or a wood grilled fish, Legal Sea Foods pride themselves in serving the freshest seafood in town.

Nebo Restaurant and Bar
Craving for grandma’s gravy? Head over to Nebo in Boston’s Greenway where mama’s recipes are plated with pride in an Italian attire. The restaurant offer a walk-in bar and a cozy sitting with an open kitchen and Greenway views outside. It offers the best food on the busiest of nights without reservation. Dump into the Neapolitan style Bolognese gluten-free pasta and pizza and I bet that you’ll come back for more.

Elephant Walk
A dramatic blend of French and Cambodian cuisines grace the menus of Elephant Walk where a gluten-free meal is served at your table is the most exquisite way. The rich and saucy meat, vegetables or seafood offered at Elephant is like no other you have ever encountered in your life. You can select anything like crushed peanuts and chili pods served with gluten-free crispy rice for dipping, Nataing, ground pork simmered in coconut milk with sliced garlic or Amok Royal, a Cambodian signature dish – a spicy, steamed, custard-like preparation of fresh crab, shellfish and southeast asian catfish with coconut milk and complex khmer seasonings; garnished with cilantro and red bell pepper, and we promise that you won’t be dissatisfied with your selection.

Blue Ginger
Wellesley’s Blue Ginger offers the most elegant Asian meals in a crafty setting. Ming Tsai, Boston’s legend chef cooks some best Asian recipes with a twist of creative ingredients and herbs. Motivated by his son’s food allergy, Ming crafted a sensational gluten-free menu ensuring that food allergics of Boston can relish an extraordinary meal. Although the acclaimed chef’s good eats don’t come cheap but they are worth it.

Not Your Average Joe’s
A chain that does it right by serving the devoted gluten-free food in the best possible way. Delve in the their gluten free bread and dip moving on to the Thai Chicken Lettuce wraps and a smokehouse jambalaya and you won’t even remember that you are gluten intolerant. Kids with gluten intolerance are specially treated as Not Your Average Joe’s and their unique platters are topped off with a gluten-free ice cream of their liking.

Café de Boston
A marketplace eatery that offers you whatever you are looking for. Café de Boston is a new expression of fast-casual dining with options like self-serve, made-to-order and take-out. Many worldwide cuisines are served in a lively environment making it a favorite eating spot of families, friends and travelers with specific needs. The restaurant not only caters gluten intolerants but also sees to the needs of vegans/vegetarians and customers requiring low-fat foods by preparing every item according to customer’s demand. Some amazing gluten-free options include sandwiches, various pizzas, frozen yogurts and several self-serve Mediterranean meze items.

There’s many more
We’ve been getting message after message telling us all about these other amazing gluten free restaurants. And yes, we know hun. Simply hop on to our app where it gives you the lowdown of some of the best gluten free joints around. Neat, right?

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